Welcome to my eSellers website

Here I offer quality used and new surplus goods for sale that can be viewed all in one convenient place. I decided to build a web site that shows all that I have for sale rather than posting and managing each and every item I have on classified or online auction sites. That standard advertising approach is just too time consuming to setup and manage properly and most importantly is very limiting in how I can present my ads effectively to you.

Here you can easily browse my entire catalog in one convenient session.

Below I have posted a sampling of the items within the categories I have created and made available. Just click on the image of interest and it will take you to the category page with more details of the items available for sale or just click on the top menu item of interest. Descriptions, multiple angle pictures, prices and sale terms will be presented for each ad.

When an item has been sold it will be removed from the sale catalog.

See my Featured Items

Click on the image of interest below for lots more details.

Roxton Dining Set

Stagg Acoustic Guitar Amp

Micrometer Set

Agilent Multimeter

Playstation II and Games

Oxygen Regluator - NEW

Professional Turntables

Vintage Pocket watches

Air Powered Tools