Free Stuff

What will you find in my ‘FREEBEE’ pages…

This page will show items I want give away for FREE. They may be partial items, complete sets of something or other, tools, kits of many stripes, electronics, musical supplies, tools, glassware etc. All items shown on its own is still working and of good quality. I just don’t want to spend the time selling it. If you can make good use of these FREEBEEs, then all the power to ya.

Visit my site often to see what’s up for FREEBEE grabs. It’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. No holds. No cherry picking.

Browse through my FREEBEE stuff below for descriptions and release terms.

Important: *** Please read the Terms and Conditions of getting my FREEBEEs.***

No freebee stuff today.


Terms and Conditions of my give away

1) All goods shown given are ‘as is’ ‘where is’. I will describe the items the way I see it through supplied pictures and in the text description.
2) Before hauling the stuff away, please inspect the intended items to meet expectations.
3) Once removed from my premises you own it. No returns. You accept it, you keep it. These are used goods.
4) All items to be examined and picked up are to be done at my location (see Contact page).
5) All items shown on this page are FREE. No cherry picking of the box lots. You take the whole lot as indicated.